Saturday, September 2, 2023

Celebrate Your Furry Friend | Custom Paw Print Stamps



Put your best paw forward! 🐾 Give the gift of personalized pet love with our custom paw print stamp – perfect for pet parents. Custom paw prints are now available in our shop of your bestie! 

How to Get Your Custom Pet Paw Print Stamp:

1. Capture the Paw Print:
Gently press your pet's paw onto non-toxic black ink, then press it onto a clean sheet of paper. Ensure the print is clear and accurate.
Be sure to reward your pup with treats and praise for their cooperation! You can also use a mess free Clean-Touch Ink Pad for Dogs and Cats kit sold online or at your local craft store. (Please note it is sometimes possible to use a phone photo of the actual paw or a picture from a clay mold) Hopefully these options work for you and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have during this step.

2. Prepare the Image:
Upload the paw print image to my email. Make sure the image is well-lit and high-resolution to capture all the details.

3. Place Your Order: Visit our website at and choose the size and stamp options that resonate with you. You can even add text too if you like.

4. Artistry in Action:
 We will use the image of the paw print to create a custom stamp that mirrors your pet's paw print. Nothing is made without your approval, and you will be able to review the proof before it's sent into production.

5. Receive and Create: Once your stamp is ready, it will be shipped with a tracking number, and delivered to your mailbox. You're now ready to start transforming your creative projects into cherished keepsakes!


Ask me how I can help create one for you!  

  1. -Britt 

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Stamp of Approval: Why Rubber Address Stamps Are a Must-Have for Organized Living


Stamp of Approval: Why Rubber Address Stamps Are a Must-Have for Organized Living

In the world of creative expression, few tools hold the charm and versatility like rubber stamps do. These unassuming little wonders have been delighting people for generations. Join me as we delve into reasons why rubber stamps are considered a must-have addition.

    1. Efficiency and Time-Saving: With an address stamp, you can effortlessly imprint your return address on envelopes, packages, and documents, saving you valuable time compared to writing it out by hand for each item.

    2. Professional Appearance: An address stamp lends a polished and professional touch to your correspondence and packages, creating a consistent and refined image that reflects your attention to detail.

    3. Consistency: Address stamps ensure uniformity in your return address, eliminating variations in handwriting and maintaining a consistent look across all your communications.

    4. Convenience: Avoid the hassle of repeatedly writing out your return address by having a stamp readily available for use whenever needed.

    5. Personalization: Choose from various designs, fonts, and layouts to create a customized address stamp that suits your style and complements your branding.

    6. Versatility: Address stamps can be used on a variety of surfaces, including envelopes, parcels, stationery, invitations, and even holiday cards, making them versatile tools for different occasions.

    7. Event Planning and Celebrations: Having an address stamp on hand is particularly handy when sending out invitations for events, weddings, parties, or announcements, ensuring a consistent and elegant presentation.

    8. Gift-Giving: Address stamps make thoughtful and practical gifts for friends, family, or colleagues, providing them with a useful tool for their own correspondence needs.

    9. Business and Branding: For businesses, an address stamp can contribute to branding efforts, reinforcing your company's image and creating a professional impression on clients and partners.

    10. Reduced Errors: Minimize the chances of errors or misspellings that can occur when handwriting addresses, ensuring accurate and reliable contact information.

    11. Cost-Effective: Address stamps are a cost-effective solution for adding a personal touch to your communications without the need for custom-printed stationery.

      Stamp of Approval: Why Rubber Address Stamps Are a Must-Have for Organized Living


Monday, July 17, 2023

Home Sweet Home : Real Estate Agent Stamps


Home Sweet Home : Real Estate Agent Stamps

A house becomes a home when it echoes with laughter, embraces with warmth, and holds a lifetime of cherished memories. It's the love shared within its walls, the bonds forged in its rooms, and the sense of belonging that envelops all who enter. A home is where the heart finds solace, where dreams are nurtured, and where the true essence of family and togetherness flourishes. Join us at 
Britt Lauren Stamps as we celebrate the intangible magic that transforms a mere structure into a place of love, comfort, and unbreakable connections—a true home sweet home with our address stamps.

 ♡ -Britt

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Britt Lauren Stamps : Set Sail in Style!


Welcome to Britt Lauren Stamps blog! So happy you are here. My goal at this blog is to share fun project and shop updates once or twice a month. Right now the shop is adding a lot of fun summer items but in about another month or two I will be also adding some Fall designs too. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at

Take care! -Britt