Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Scented Stamp Ink Pads

scented stamp ink pads blueberry rubber stamping etsy

When I was little, I loved scented pencils, crayons and books! My son is now obsessed with scratch and sniff books! So I knew when I found these ink pads on Amazon I had to try them out. I wasn't sure of the quality because ink really matters when you stamp so I only purchased one.

Was the blueberry smell strong? No, not at all. Very light fragrance and fades after awhile. However, the ink stamped very nicely and sharp. I am tempted to try the others now! Worth a try if you like stamping with your kids! They will get a kick out of trying out all the smells! You can purchase the blueberry scented here on Amazon.com

Happy Stamping!

Brittany Lauren